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IT/ERP Consulting Capabilities

B. Greenfield & Associates helps clients make the best use of their ERP system to run the company and support employees as they do their jobs.

Major activities can include:

  • Identifying/clarifying user needs and recommending systems and procedural solutions
  • Working with IT and functional area staff to test and implement these solutions
  • Investigating, testing, and implementing new system capabilities and applications
  • User system training (introductory, advanced, query language and report writing)
  • User functional training (system functionality applied to specific jobs and departments)
  • Designing and developing custom screens and reports
  • Using system tools for mass data entry and updating, including electronic uploads
  • Developing procedures and documentation
  • Maintaining systems codes, tables, and forms
  • Investigating and resolving problems

These situations are examples of when these clients called on Bruce for consulting support:


The Company’s Need Bruce’s Contribution

To determine if the application system would continue to support their planned future business expansion

Conducted an independent analysis to understand the company’s operational needs, then evaluate systems strengths and shortcomings within this context

For more accurate project costing, the CEO wanted to implement a job costing system

Worked with client personnel and software vendor representatives to identify the best package, then took the lead in implementing the system and training users

Company executives and project managers were frustrated by the lack of timely data

Helped the company to move toward more real-time data capture, and used the report generator to develop management reports

Shop floor supervisors had come up through the ranks, were not well versed in operations planning and management concepts

Developed and presented training programs on subjects such as materials planning, process improvement, and just-in-time/lean production

Acquisition of 3 other firms, whose operations had to be merged into the application system

Devised the integrated part numbering, product structure, and chart of accounts schemes; revised system codes and tables; developed procedures; trained users; supported transfer of data

Introduction of a new product line

Assisted company engineers in creating product structure (bills of material and routings) in the system; involved in setting up and debugging the assembly line in the factory

A new Controller wanted to make sweeping changes in accounting data flow and reporting

Identified and tested alternative approaches; recommended the actions required to accomplish the desired changes; assisted in implementing the solutions (changing codes and tables, writing procedures, training users, etc.)

The CEO wanted a systematic way to monitor customer service (order shipping) performance

Designed the data capture and reporting system; managed the programming effort required; developed the detailed and summary reports

Customized order entry programs were not keeping up with the needs of the business, and requiring an undue amount of IT attention

Demonstrated how the company could use the standard system instead of custom code; worked with users to develop and execute the transition plan

Customers were requiring computer readable barcode labels on products packed in bundles, pallets, and cartons

Led the effort to define the need; designed the programs to print the labels from both an initial stand-alone system and directly from the application system; managed the programming effort; developed user procedures

A new Purchasing Director wanted certain data from the system in specific formats

Conducted the needs assessment; wrote reports using system tools

The Vice-President of Operations was concerned about order shipping accuracy at the distribution center

Devised and executed an order audit procedure; identified and investigated root causes of errors; recommended corrective action steps; wrote system-generated reports for routine ongoing analysis of customer shipment problems, tracing the problem back to the source

The IT Department did not have enough experienced staff to handle user needs

Served as an on-site support resource on a retainer basis; investigated user problems and complaints; responded to user system enhancement requests; provided training; participated on the MIS Steering Committee